James Nelson

Property Manager

Providing Management & Maintenance on a New Level

My career has given me a unique advantage to experience property management from every possible angle, giving me an edge over other property managers out there. I currently supervise the maintenance needs of Blackwell's rental properties, along with responding to tenant requests and owner's concerns.

I started in the construction industry back in the summer of 2001 with the intention of simply getting a summer job.  I never dreamed I would keep the job through the winter, let alone turn it into a career! I worked my way up through the ranks to become the construction manager, honing my customer service and management skills. I became a maintenance coordinator for a property management company in Northern Virginia in 2008.  After mastering the day to day challenges of managing multiple properties I was promoted to a Property Manager.  Having an "office job" was a substantial change for me professionally.  I eventually decided to use my combined knowledge and experience to open my own handyman business; exclusively working for property management companies. Where I formed such a good relationship with Blackwell I was inducted into their tribe.

Currently at Blackwell Realty I develop vendor relationships; recruiting licensed and insured professionals that perform quality work at competitive prices. I proactively trouble shoot problems for tenants to help keep maintenance costs as low as possible for our clients.  I communicate directly with our owners, answering their questions and concerns relating to invoices or maintenance issues.  This allows me to utilize all the skills I've gained over the years, creating an excellent work life balance and a place to call home.

In my spare time I get to hang with my kids and share my love for nature, camping and playing on the river - all things I love about living in the Eastern Panhandle and Charles Town area.