Lars Prillaman

Buyer's Agent

I landed in real estate a bit by chance. When I'm not working for Blackwell I help manage my family's farm, Green Gate Farm, near Shepherdstown, WV. But as one might imagine, it's a tough life without much flexibility. I needed something on the side that gave me that flexibility. That's when an old friend suggested I'd make a great real estate agent. They were right.

Now, over the last decade I've lived in many different places, from cities to other rural regions, but I grew up right here in Jefferson County and something brought me back. After an apprenticeship on a nearby pastured livestock farm, I knew I wanted to start my own farm, but where? The answer was easy. The community that raised me. It was time to give back. Farming is a difficult but rewarding life for someone who likes hard work, but I learned that it's not the only way I can help my community prosper.

And so I entered the real estate world in addition to agriculture. I can help my community thrive and grow with both of these skills. When I take off the overalls and synch up my tie, I can look forward to every time I walk into the office at Blackwell. The attitude and atmosphere are about having fun and helping people, two of my core principles. We operate more like a family than anything else. Anyone on the Blackwell team is ready and able to jump into the fray to help their colleagues and, most importantly, our clients achieve their goals. The values shared at this brokerage are core to who I am, the service our clients deserve, and the success the company has achieved.

I've worn a lot of hats in my short time. Stage musician, farmer, marketer, teacher, 4H leader, and all of these have helped prepare me to be a knockout real estate agent. I enjoy getting to really know my clients. I enjoy hearing their stories and what brings them to or keeps them in our neck of the woods. Most of all, I enjoy the excitement and happiness when clients get their dream home in this wonderful community. I'd love to help you achieve that excitement and happiness.