Louise McDonald


Empowered to Finding Home

My background is in education with an undergraduate degree from Carleton College and a PhD in English Rhetoric from the University of Minnesota. Part of the task is making people feel comfortable and appreciated so they are empowered to learn and grow in life. My work at Blackwell is similar in that I help our clients find the home that makes them light up and gives them energy and peace of mind so they can be their best selves.

I have lived and raised my family in Jefferson County WV for almost twenty years. I have taught at both Shepherd University and in the public schools. This is a dynamic, involved, diverse community with fabulous opportunities for outdoor recreation on land and water. It is a great pleasure to share my enthusiasm for this community and to help new residents feel comfortable and at home.

Many years ago, I started in real estate as an investor and property manager in Florida and Illinois, so I know the challenges of negotiating the process of owning and managing property. Reinventing myself in real estate has been like coming home—a new way to see a long-familiar and exciting world.

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