How to Get a Tenant Out — Eviction in West Virginia


How to get a tenant out... oh yes, we've seen that dilemma many times. At Blackwell Realty we get phone calls all the time from property owners asking us for advice on eviction in West Virginia. While we cannot provide legal advice (we recommend contacting an attorney), we thought it would be useful to give you a bit of guidance as far as how to evict, or get a tenant out, if you should need to.

How to Get a Tenant Out, or Should You Even Evict?

Besides wondering how to get a tenant out, you may be asking, should I even evict my tenant? Hanging onto this question for too long is unfortunately what keeps many property owners frustrated and anxious over a tenant who repeatedly pays rent late. Of course it is easier to decide an eviction is necessary if your renter trashes your property or starts a meth lab in the basement. What about those all-too-common cases, though, when your renter seems to have a legitimate reason for being late on rent... every month?

Her grandmother passed away and she needs money to fly home for the funeral.
His bonus check hasn't come through as expected, but it should arrive any day.

When self-managing property owners make the switch to hiring Blackwell Realty, they often report feeling relief at not having to be the "bad guy" anymore. Being a rent-collector is not always fun, yet it is the lifeblood of your investment. Surprisingly, even property management companies are often far too lenient on rent collection and eviction policy, out of fear it will be more difficult to find a new tenant than it is to deal with a slow-to-pay tenant. This puts you, the property owner, in an awkward position. At Blackwell, we are diligent about our rent-collection policies, and we are not afraid to find you a new tenant if needed.

The ABC's of How to Get a Tenant Out
(Specific to Eviction in West Virginia)

If you are considering eviction, here is how to get a tenant out:

A) Send a “Pay or Quit” notice as soon as rent is late. We consider rent late on the 5th of the month, and take assertive action by sending pay or quit notices on the 6th. This alone helps many of our property owners avoid having to deal with how to get a tenant out in the first place, because renters learn to pay on time.

B) Go to the courthouse and file for eviction. This costs approximately $110 depending on the number of people, and the sheriff will serve the tenant with an eviction notice and a court date.

C) Eviction in West Virginia usually takes less than 30 days. The sooner you act, the sooner you can get a new tenant in place who pays rent on time.

Let Us Deal with How to Get a Tenant Out

When you partner with us, you can rest on our policies. At Blackwell, we consider it our primary job to get you paid on time every single month. This is why we follow our strict and systematic processes for collecting rent. We often inherit chronically late-paying renters and, after just a few months of our assertive policies, these tenants are "trained" to pay rent on time.

In fact, we recently took on four properties with existing tenants in place. Three out of the four tenants were in the habit of paying rent as late as the 25th of the month. Rather than worrying about how to get a tenant out or even filing eviction, we sent pay or quit notices on the 6th of the month. Now all of these tenants are consistently paying on time. Besides the property owners being elated, the tenants themselves feel good about their new responsible habit.

Hire Blackwell Realty and Forget Worrying about How to Get a Tenant Out

The biggest key for how to get a tenant out is to take preventative measures and partner with our tenants to pay rent on time from the get-go. We want to get you the right tenant in the first place, so we do thorough credit, criminal, and landlord history checks. In addition we do employment verification. The first step to a strong renter is having a truthful one who can afford the rent. Next, we stick to our systematic rent-collection policies to ensure your tenant considers rent top priority. Finally, if necessary, we are willing to move forward with eviction and find a new ideal tenant for you.

If you are dealing with late rent, poor treatment of your property, or otherwise facing how to get a tenant out, contact us.

We are proud to serve the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, including Harpers Ferry, Shepherdstown, Charles Town, Martinsburg, and Inwood. If you have a rental property in Jefferson County or Berkeley County, get in touch with us today. We would love to work with you.