What’s in a State Line? – Frederick Co. Va/Jefferson County. WV

The answer: Not a lot.
These two counties really are very similar to one another. The most significant difference is population.

As of 2015, Frederick County, Va had a population of 83,200 while Jefferson County, WV had 56,500.

Another difference is that Jefferson County falls inside what is considered the D.C. Metropolitan area while Frederick County falls just outside it.

Charles Town, the Jefferson County seat, is 73 miles from Washington DC. While the Frederick County seat, Winchester, is 80 miles away.

Income demonstrates another similarity between the two counties.

The median household income for people living in Frederick County is $68,700.
The median household income for people living in Jefferson County is $65,600.

The average price of a home in Frederick County is $261,000 while the average price in Jefferson County is $256,000.
Home sellers in Frederick County are getting 97% of their asking price year to date in 2017 while Jefferson County home sellers are getting 95%. Frederick County homes are selling a little faster - 2 weeks - than Jefferson County. Homes going from market to closing table in 65 days versus 78 days.

For renters, the average rental price in Frederick County Va is $1360 while the average rental price in Jefferson County WV is $1320.


Comparing these two cities, the similarities are just as close.

Winchester accounting for a whopping 75% of all real estate volume sold in Frederick County while Charles Town accounts for 40% of Jefferson County.

The average price of a home in Winchester is $263,000 while Charles Town is $266,000. Homes are selling in 63 days in Winchester versus 62 days in Charles Town. And homeowners in Winchester are getting 95% of their asking price and Charles Town sellers are getting 96%.

Having recently opened our second office, giving us locations in the heart of both Frederick County and Jefferson County, we are extremely excited to be a part of the continuing massive growth for both areas and we look forward to meeting and assisting you soon.