Charles Town WV & Ranson WV

Small-town Americana meets city comforts and convenience

If small town America and the big city had a kid, that child would be Charles Town. Arguably the hippest small town in West Virginia, Charles Town fuses the best of a small town community with all the comforts of city living.

With a quaint downtown featuring local shops and restaurants, a weekly farmer’s market, some of the best schools in the state, large homes and even larger back yards, Charles Town is the perfect place to settle down for families, singles and empty nesters alike. You’ll also find familiar chain retailers, a casino and racetrack, a nearby hospital, and other modern conveniences that ensure that living in Charles Town means you don’t have to give up city life altogether.

In fact, Charles Town is ideal for commuters. Ninety two percent of Charles Town households have at least one family member who commutes to the Washington, DC area or northern Virginia for work, thanks to convenient commuter train options and a strong freeway infrastructure.

Jefferson county is the most affluent county in West Virginia and is home to some of the best schools in the region, at both public and private education institutions.

With a median home price of $240,000, Charles Town is an affordable alternative for young professional seeking quality and comfort for their family.

The Charles Town economy also benefits from a robust tourist business, as it is the location of the trial and execution of John Brown, the man who fired the first shot that started the civil war in nearby Harper’s Ferry.

In short, Charles Town is the place to live if you want a home with a backyard and plenty of family-friendly options like sports, parks, and community events, while staying within a reasonable commuting distance of nearby metropolitan areas.

With a population of over 5,000, Charles Town is the county seat of Jefferson County and celebrated its 225th anniversary in 2011. It is named after Charles Washington, brother of the first president.

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