Harpers Ferry WV

Beauty. History. Nature. All within easy commuting distance.

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and live in a quaint, historic mountain village, without leaving behind modern conveniences? If so, then you may just have found your new home – Harpers Ferry.

The historic town is situated at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers where the states of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia meet. Culturally, Harpers Ferry is at the intersection of history and modern living, perfect for those who want to stay close to the land and the rich heritage of the region while remaining just a few hours drive from nearby metropolitan areas.

The community features two distinct sections – downtown and the mountain. Downtown Harpers Ferry features quaint boutique shops, local eateries, museums, and is surrounded by the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. The higher, mountainous areas surrounding the rivers have a more rustic feel and are perfect for homeowners seeking larger lots with more trees, more privacy, and beautiful views.

Natural beauty and historic significance have led to a thriving tourist trade, especially in spring and summer. Harpers Ferry is the location of John Brown’s raid on the armory in 1859 that sparked the civil war. Two other properties on the National Register of Historic Places adjoin the town: the B & O Railroad Potomac River Crossing and St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is headquartered in the town.

Scenic Harpers Ferry is also ideal for those who love outdoors activities. Locals and tourists alike enjoy a wide variety of outdoor sports – hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, zip lining, and rock climbing. There are hiking and biking trails within easy walking distance of the living history villages, and the Appalachian trail runs through the town.

Thomas Jefferson, who visited Harpers Ferry in 1783, wrote that “The passage of the Patowmac through the Blue Ridge is perhaps one of the most stupendous scenes in Nature... worth a voyage across the Atlantic.”

Harpers Ferry is located in Jefferson County, the most affluent county in West Virginia, with access to some of the best schools in the region, both public and private. The elementary and middle school in Harpers Ferry is especially sought after.

At the crossroads of past and present, the intersection of two rivers and three states, Harpers Ferry is ideal for those who desire a home in paradise while they work in the modern world.

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