Sterling VA

Planned with a purpose.

In the beginning of 1962, large farms made up the 1,762 acres of what today is called Sterling Park. Dulles International Airport and the extension of water and sewer lines to the airport began to change the landscape when construction started in 1959. The vision of Sterling was to offer more amenity rich homes and neighborhoods at a lower price. The developer offered such luxuries as air conditioning and free golf. Today Sterling is home to many businesses and serves as branch offices for many major companies. Sterling has a diverse population that offers a great atmosphere filled with friendly people.

This outlying northern Virginia suburb in most ways meet the definition of “exurbs,” where people benefit economically from the city and may use its airport, but have little daily connection with it. Many do commute to the DC area proper but more often commute to other places in the neighboring suburbs. Located northwest of Herndon, east of Ashburn, and west of Great Falls, and includes part of Dulles International Airport, Sterling is the heart of NOVA.

Sterling has a strong housing market with many options to choose from. You can find just about anything you are looking for from large family homes near parks and schools to chic townhomes close to shopping, dining and public transportation.
Sterling planned to have it all, with it’s convenient proximity to D.C., and a vibrant city scene.